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Ellen Thomas named TMS Human Resources Manager

February 20th, 2012 by Carrie Huckeby

WK&T manager brings HR know-how to TMS team

McMinnville, Tenn. — Ellen K. Thomas has been chosen to be the new Human Resources Director for Telecom Management Services (TMS), overseeing employee safety, hiring and benefits among her responsibilities.

TMS CEO Trevor Bonnstetter said Thomas’s 19 years of experience at WK&T Telecommunications Cooperative have prepared her well for her new position.

“Benefits and HR regulations are evolving almost as quickly as the telecommunications industry,” he says, “and no one is better suited to handle the changes in both fields than Ellen. She is a great addition to the TMS team.”

Thomas became WK&T’s first HR manager in 2004 and received her HR certification from the Society for Human Resource Management in 2009. A lifelong resident of Fancy Farm, Ky., she said the TMS approach to management allows her to share the best from each of its affiliated companies with the others to improve policies and procedures across the network.

“Every company has challenges that they’re working through, and I love a challenge,” Thomas says. “You learn with each company that you work with, and you gather more and more information to help the next one.”

A large portion of her new responsibilities, which she took over on Jan. 1, is keeping company policies in line with an ever-evolving industry.

“Employees and employers have to change along with the industry,” she says. “With companies that have been in business 50 or 60 years, change isn’t always easy.”

Telecom Management Services is a Tennessee-based company focused on helping cooperatives and independent telecommunications companies across the Southeast succeed in the new industry reality. Driving its comprehensive approach is a broad range of management services, including network administration, operations, plant expansion oversight, legislative monitoring, marketing, CRM and billing solutions, strategic planning and new business development.

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