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TMS offers a range of services for your telco. Read below to see what we can do for your team.

Optical fiber is the infrastructure of the future. Whether self-funded or through Recovery Act grants/loans, telcos across the nation are building fiber-to-the-home networks to meet growing bandwidth demands.

TMS can help you save money on your fiber build. Through our purchasing consortium, we can leverage economies of scale to reduce your construction costs.

By deploying a single technology and software platform across the family of companies for which we provide services, we can also help you move more quickly to where you want to be — selling services (at a profit) over your FTTH network.

Finally, when you are ready to sell your services, TMS will be there to help with marketing, technology support, billing and more.

When the success of your telco’s project depends on customer buy-in, every decision should be based on sound marketing principles. In fact, practically every facet of your operation has components that should be marketing-driven.

TMS takes a comprehensive approach to marketing. We understand that today’s consumer doesn’t want to be ‘sold,’ they want to be ‘engaged.’ We employ traditional practices while embracing the new methods and opportunities for reaching today’s fragmented market.

TMS can help you develop and execute marketing plans that are designed to increase customer engagement, drive sales and ensure profitability.

There is strength in numbers, and TMS helps your telco leverage that strength to save money.

TMS represents a number of telecommunications clients, allowing the group to achieve significant economies of scale. Your telco will benefit from the buying power of a much larger utility, saving you money on materials, services and contracts. You can also take advantage of staff efficiencies made possible by a working relationship with TMS.

Taking care of customers is the most important job in any organization — especially in our rapidly changing industry. That is why billing solutions/customer service is a major focus for TMS.

A big part of getting customer care right is having the right billing solutions in place. And to help retain customers, an effective CRM component must be part of that solution.

TMS can help your telco put a solution in place to effectively manage customer information.

Should your next plant expansion or other capital investment be funded from cash, or would it be better to borrow the money on a low-interest, long-term note? How deep can you cut prices to offer bundles? What are your options for funding your CLEC’s startup?

Questions like these are only becoming more important as our industry faces a future of regulatory uncertainty. TMS can bring our finance & accounting expertise to the table to help you make the best decisions to secure your telco’s financial future.

What opportunities lie ahead for your telecommunications company, and how will you position yourself to face the challenges of a new industry reality? The process of strategic planning helps identify where you are, determine where you want to be, recognize the resources you have to take you there, and chart a course for the journey.

By taking your company through a strategic planning process, TMS can help your telco create a map for the future and work toward implementation.

Whether you are looking to launch a new video offering, roll out bundles or form a CLEC, TMS can help your telco discover how to develop, fund and pursue new business opportunities.